Key ClinSeq collaborations include:

StratCan Research provides funding and scientific support.

SciLifeLab Clinical Genomics Stockholm provides equipment and infrastructure for sequencing.

Stockholm Medical Biobank handles and stores ClinSeq’s biosamples .

SLL provides access to – and collection of – clinical samples and preparation for implementation in clinical care in Stockholm.

The 4D program supports fast implementation in clinical care in breast cancer in Stockholm.

AstraZeneca is a partner in the development of markers for monitoring of cancer based on ClinSeq. The main aims are to develop methods for circulating tumor DNA and to use ClinSeqs pipeline for retrospective and prospective analyses of AZ’s samples.

Network of dedicated clinical researchers . ClinSeq is continuously building a network of surgeons, pathologists, oncologists and hematologists that work together with ClinSeq on each specific cancer both in Stockholm and around Sweden. As of April 2014, nearly 30 clinical researchers and doctors are involved in the network.